The Charentaise Troussepinète

Perhaps the oldest wine based aperitif of France !

"L'Epine" (the thorn) or the Troussepinète comes from a subtle maceration of  the shoots of the blackthorns macerated in wine. Thanks to his master liquor maker Gérard Paignon, LISE BACCARA pays the greatest attention to the selection of the young shoots of the wild blackthorns and to the different steps of maceration. Ensuring an authentic and fully natural product, the result provides an inimitable taste ...


A well kept secret



The blackthorn or wild sloe is a rare thorny bush, usually about three or four meters high, so thick that it is hard to handle and impossible to cross. It grows wild and randomly anywhere in France in specific zones such as borders of pastures or edges of forests that only connoisseurs know.

The young shoots are manually. Gathering requires between seven and ten additional workers to collect around 3 tons each year. The shoots are then macerated in wine, thus releasing a concentrate of blackthorns juice. This juice is then blended with wine according to an artisanal process, a secret only held by the master liquor maker himself...

Lise Baccara’s Troussepinète in a variety of flavours

  • Troussepinète Charentaise - 11° - 75 CL
  • Troussepinète Charentaise - melon / fraise 11° - 75 CL
  • Troussepinète Charentaise - églantier / sureau 11° - 75 CL
  • Troussepinète Charentaise - épine sauvage 11° - 75 CL