A traditional know-how

the art of the double distillation

Aperitifs and liquors are made according to an ancestral fabrication process, respectful of tradition. Lise Baccara primarily works from fruits, plants and natural aromas, in order to deliver a refined bouquet to your palate.

épines noires




The team works with the greatest care to the achievement of the products, from the harvest and the production chain, to the tailoring of the bottle. We promote for hand making at every step of the fabrication.

All this attention gives an unique flavor and an authentic elegance to Lise Baccara's spirits.


Fruit of the sun, our terroir, and our « savoir-faire »

Fruit from our vineyard, in Fins Bois great growths, the harvest is vinified in our cellars. Our Cognac comes from the marriage of the finest « eaux-de-vie », 15 years old minimum, selected from our oldest stock.

The double distillation

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The principle of the double distillation dates back to the 17th century, and consists of a double heating in the alembic. The first heating to distill the wine and its lees. Then the second heating where M. Paignon's savoir-faire and nose are of primary importance here, in order to create a fineness and a unique character to Lise Baccara's Cognac.