Natural and French Mixology...


Launching of our latest creation : Boyard Spirit cocktail, already part of the 10 finalists at the SIAL Innovation 2016 in Shanghaï among 353 spirits selected coming from all around the world !

Boyard Spirit is the subtle combination of real fruits macerated with a Lise Baccara's Cognac carefully selected in order to offer a delicate marriage and the pleasure to rediscover true sensations!

100% French AND 100% Natural

Each single ingredient was strictly chosen to propose a high quality cocktail presenting a 100% French origin and a 100% natural origin, based on the traditional "savoir-faire" and natural products only.

Thanks to the maceration of real fruits with the Cognac, and our dedication to provide a genuine tasting experience, Boyard spirits will make you rediscover the true taste of fruits, like a smooth explosion in your mouth...

The Fort Boyard bottle

Like a stone vessel anchored off the French Atlantic coast, only 80 kilometers far from the famous town of Cognac, Fort Boyard is a French historical and iconic monument of the region.
Its construction was ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804, originally in order to protect one of the biggest stock of weapons of the empire stored on the coast.
It is now the place where a famous TV adventures game is produced in France, but also in many countries around the world.

For this special bottle, Lise Baccara decided to use a particular material named P.E. : 100% recyclable as glass but much lighter to carry, and more energy friendly during the recycling process.